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Professional Communication & Development

We understand the value of effective communication, which leads to increased career opportunities, better quality employees, better quality of service, more engaged leadership, and overall better business sense.    

Better Communication = Better Business

We proudly customize Professional Communication & Development Coaching/Training Programs focused on various aspects of professional development. Our objective is to equip you with the tools to drive your executive presence and successfully advance in your career and/or organizational growth and development. Our customized, evidence-based, results-driven programs will be structured to include components of any/all of these areas highlighted below to deliver results that are specific to your individual/your organization's needs/goals. 

Hover over each box to learn more. 

Presentation Skills

Engage your audience and deliver your presentation content with confidence and clarity. Whether for a one-time presentation, or for ongoing presentations, we will focus on non-verbal communication tips, voice projection, speaking style enhancement, and more. Training will include video analysis. 

Executive Presence

Guided analysis will help you understand & implement methods to present yourself as a confident  and collaborative asset to your organization. Employ strategies to be an active and engaging  leader within your workplace. 

Professional Speaking

Whether communicating with colleagues, customers [clients, patients, students, employees], or employers [current or potential new], the way in which you communicate your 'story' matters. Finding a balance between being professional, yet personable is what we strive to achieve through this training. 

Interview Coaching

Develop confidence in communicating your value. Prepare answers to traditional interview questions, structure questions to ask during your interview, and rehearse how to clearly and confidently communicate your potential value and negotiate your most ideal scenario. 

Cross-Cultural   Communication

Understand how cultural influences/biases may impact your professional and personal communication. Equip yourself with the right strategies and tools to help take perspective and thoughtfully collaborate amongst cultures to achieve unified goals. 

Voice Projection /

Vocal Aesthetics

Utilize your voice to make your messages more compelling, engaging, and impactful. Understand how the mechanics of your breath and posture can change how your audience perceives you. 

Professional Writing

Equip yourself with methods to organize your content and create templates to effectively communicate via written professional language. Utilize strategies to develop written content that connects with your audience with the desired 'tone'/'presence', while clearly delivering your intended message . 

Non-Verbal Communication

A great deal can be communicated without a single spoken word.  Focus will be on utilizing strategies to ensure your body language, facial expressions, and gestures are not communicating a message to your audience that is outside of your intent. We will  work towards helping you use these unique tools to support a more compelling and engaging message delivery. 

Advanced Pronunciation / Grammar/Vocabulary

Designed for Non-Native Speakers of American English, focus will be on training more advanced/complex grammar /vocabulary/pronunciation as it relates to your professional/workplace communication and culture. 

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