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Our Programs are evidence-based, results driven, and customized specifically to your individual or organizational needs and goals. Using our proprietary ExecYOUtive TM development methodology, our programs guide and train you to achieve success  through Connection, Communication, Presentation, and Presence. 

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Individual Coaching

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Group-Corporate Training

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Speaking Engagements

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In-person | On-site | Online

Presentation Skills - Public Speaking Coaching

Whether with a small, familiar group or with a large, unfamiliar audience, delivering your message with variety, intention, clarity, and confidence are essential in order to achieve your desired outcomes. Learn how to organize your thoughts, craft your  story, and deliver that story with a strong voice, effective body language, clear speech, and engaging storytelling. Learn how to turn your nervous energy into excited and engaged energy to mark you professional presence and deliver value. 

  • Learn how to organize your thoughts to create an impactful message with confidence

  • Finesse your ability to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged throughout

  • Perfect your technique of using your speech and voice mechanics to make your presentation interesting

  •  Implement strategies to maintain a relaxed, but energetic delivery without nervousness or speaking anxiety     

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Male Speaker

Leadership Communication - Executive Presence Coaching


Whether you are transitioning into a new career or role, or whether you are a C-Suite executive, enhancing your leadership communication skills and perfecting your professional presence are vital to your growth and success. Let us help you discover your true leadership potential & leverage strategies to mark your value & presence within an organization.  

  • ​Discover your own leadership & management traits and communication styles

  • Enhance your ability to effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders

  • Leverage strategies to present with authority and authenticity to deliver outcomes

  • Improve your abilities to be an active , connected listener

  • Effectively engage with stakeholders across industries /departments/ cultures/ generations

  • Improve your confidence in marking your executive presence


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Cross-Cultural  & Intercultural Communication - Diversity Consulting

Given our growing global society and increasing awareness among businesses and organizations that diverse business equals better business, the chances of engaging with colleagues, leadership, and/or clients whose background experiences, perspectives, and goals differ from your own are very likely. Learn how to effectively communicate across diverse stakeholders. Becoming self-aware of one's own implicit / unconscious bias as well as learning to appreciate and recognize the value offered from individuals through effective cross-cultural and intercultural communication and engagement can more effectively drive the growth and success that individuals and organizations desire. 

  • Propel your organization’s diverse teams into more productive, profitable collaborations

  • Implement strategies for effective communication among culturally, linguistically, and generationally diverse stakeholders

  • Develop skills to become more self-aware and identify areas of potential implicit bias

  • Promote increased diversity in talent and leadership

  • Expand with more global & social outreach & impact

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Accent Modification - Pronunciation Training


Accents are beautiful reminders of how beautifully diverse our world is. The truth is, everyone has an accent. No accent is better than another. Another truth is that we all need to be active, connected listeners to have better ability to capture & comprehend accents that differ from our own. However, in certain circumstances, learning a more neutral pronunciation pattern that differs from your regional or foreign (non-native) accent with spoken American English can help you more effectively communicate in professional settings with different audiences that may be less familiar with your pronunciation patterns and may ask you to repeat yourself for clarification, increasing your confidence in collaboration, and minimizing potential risk of adverse impact as a result of less effective communication. 

  • Receive Pronunciation Training to learn more neutral spoken American English accent with the goal of clear, effective, natural-sounding  professional communication

  • Goal is not  to eliminate accent, but rather promote clear communication practices to increase communication confidence, and in turn promote diversity of talent & leadership in professional settings

  • Maintain your identity and culture with confidence and strategies for effective communication

  • Collaborate with clarity and confidence & advance your career aspirations            


Please hover over the boxes ​below or click here for potential topics included in this program. 

Cultural, Diversity
Coaching Topics

Core training topics addressed through our programs

(Hover over each for details)

Presentation Skills

Engage your audience and deliver your presentation content with confidence and clarity. Whether for a one-time presentation, or for ongoing presentations, we will focus on non-verbal communication tips, voice projection, speaking style enhancement, and more. Training will include video analysis. 

Presentation Skills

Executive Presence

Guided analysis will help you understand & implement methods to present yourself as a confident  and collaborative asset to your organization. Employ strategies to be an active and engaging  leader within your workplace. 

Executive Presence

Professional Speaking

Whether communicating with colleagues, customers [clients, patients, students, employees], or employers [current or potential new], the way in which you communicate your 'story' matters. Finding a balance between being professional, yet personable is what we strive to achieve through this training. 

Professional Speaking

Accent Modification

Develop strategies and technique to effectively communicate in professional settings where the focus is on the valuable content you offer, and not how your American English pronunciation may differ than that of your audience. Maintain your identity and culture while gaining confidence in your effective communication. 

Accent Modification

Cross-Cultural   Communication & Diversity

Understand how cultural influences/biases may impact your professional and personal communication. Equip yourself with the right strategies and tools to help take perspective and thoughtfully collaborate amongst cultures to achieve unified goals. 

Cross-Cultural Communication

Interview Coaching

Develop confidence in communicating your value. Prepare answers to traditional interview questions, structure questions to ask during your interview, and rehearse how to clearly and confidently communicate your potential value and negotiate your most ideal scenario. 

Interview Coaching

Leadership Communication

Enhance your leadership communication style & management skills to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders with authenticity & transparency, leading your teams to desired outcomes. 

Leadership Communication

Voice Projection /

Vocal Aesthetics

Utilize your voice to make your messages more compelling, engaging, and impactful. Understand how the mechanics of your breath and posture can change how your audience perceives you. 

Voice Projection/Vocal Aesthetics

Professional Writing

Equip yourself with methods to organize your content and create templates to effectively communicate via written professional language. Utilize strategies to develop written content that connects with your audience with the desired 'tone'/'presence', while clearly delivering your intended message . 

Professional Writing

Non-Verbal Communication 

A great deal can be communicated without a single spoken word.  Focus will be on utilizing strategies to ensure your body language, facial expressions, and gestures are not communicating a message to your audience that is outside of your intent. We will  work towards helping you use these unique tools to support a more compelling and engaging message delivery. 

Non-Verbal Communication

Advanced Pronunciation / Grammar/Vocabulary

Designed for Non-Native Speakers of American English, focus will be on training more advanced/complex grammar /vocabulary/pronunciation as it relates to your professional/workplace communication and culture. 

Advanced Pronunciation/Grammar/Vocabulary

Connected Listening

A vital skill for effective , engaging communication is listening. Learn how to be a connected, active listener in order to collaborate more effectively with colleagues and clients, and advance your professional / leadership / executive presence. 

Connected Listening

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