Our commitment to our clients to provide superior service

Our Accent Modification / Pronunciation Training program is designed to provide the best service to suit the individual needs of our clients 

  • Training sessions via convenient, user-friendly tele-/web-conferencing from the comfort of your home/office or in-person

  • Flexible Scheduling of sessions based on your busy lifestyle

  • Free initial Screening prior to even starting your training program

  • Initial Full Assessment including Speech Sound Analysis to determine current speech sound production and determine coaching/training needs based on speech sound analysis results

  • Repeat Midterm and Final Assessments and Speech Sound Analysis to chart progress made during training program

  • Weekly intensive training sessions in auditory distinction (listening to differences in speech sounds)

  • Speech sound production in isolation/word/phrase/functional conversation/contexts, voice projection, intonation/phrasing/inflection, class discussions/presentations specific to your industry/profession

  • Evidence-based Accent Modification program based primarily on Compton PESL® method, however customized specifically to individual needs/goals based on initial assessment/analysis

  • Our Professional Communication Coaches/Trainers hold a Master of Science degree or above, are board-certified Speech-Language Pathologists by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and are specialty certified in the Compton PESL ®(Pronouncing English as a Second Language) accent modification training program.


  • Training sessions are based on your specific speech sound curriculum, as determined by the initial assessment/analysis

  • Training & Practice activities are customized with vocabulary and contexts specific to your industry/personalized goals 

  • Individually Customized weekly practice activities created by your specialty certified Coach/Trainer based on your specific curriculum which you can download and save to do at your own convenience

  • Consistent feedback from Coach/Trainer throughout week in response to practice recordings in between sessions

  • Lifetime Access to Compton PESL® online practice lab

  • Support from our Coach/Trainer for targeted help with your specific needs (e.g., guidance on interview, presentation tips) which can be incorporated into curriculum to an extent

  • Follow up Support – Advanced Communication Skills training program also includes access to our expert coaches with for one-off support needs post the completion of the program

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