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Accent Modification / Pronunciation Training

We understand the high value that communication holds and the role it plays in professional success and organizational/economic growth and development. We understand how overwhelming and stressful communication can be, especially in a work or public setting. We offer services to enhance your ability to communicate in a small group or address a large audience. We use proven methods to provide you the tools and the confidence that will allow you to effectively share your thoughts in a compelling, collaborative, and clear manner.   

1. Accent/Pronunciation Pre-screening: This is a complimentary service to help us understand your need for accent modification and pronunciation training. This is an online screening tool that can be accessed from the comfort of your home or work, with no further obligations. Click here for our FREE Online Screening!

2. Detailed Accent/Pronunciation Assessment: This is a detailed professional assessment by our senior professionals to understand your individual set of needs. Our assessment is based on the advanced industry standards set by the research based Compton P-ESL method to develop your individualized Speech Sound Repertoire in comparison to Standard American English pronunciation. This will help design a coaching program that is customized based on your individual needs.  

3. Individual or Group Coaching Sessions: As each individual may have a different set of needs, our professional coaches design a customized program to provide one-on-one or group coaching to serve specific needs of the individual/group. Below are a set of typical packages offered - customized based on specific needs.

(a) AM-13: This is a 13-week Accent Modification program with weekly sessions with a dedicated coach to work with the individual's needs.

(b) AM-7: This is a 7-week Accent Modification program geared towards individuals with fewer needs based on the analysis retrieved from the initial assessment.

(c) AM-Power: This is a 1-3 day intense training program with one of our dedicated coaches with a combination of in-person and telepresence sessions (telepresence may not always be available based on the acuteness of individual's needs). This is typically suited for individuals with very limited time or larger group/corporate workshops. 

4. Post-coaching follow up: We greatly appreciate the importance of consistent practice and utilization of newly-learned skills. Individuals will have lifetime access to a library of tools and practice aids to help them on an ongoing basis (several customized accent modification practice activities, limited access to our Coaches to help you with specific challenges and obstacles)

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