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Committed to building your skills and confidence to succeed in any setting

Accent Modification / Pronunciation Training 

*Customized Programs

*Pronunciation Training to neutralize regional/foreign accent of Standard American English

*Individual and/or Group/Corporate Sessions

*In Person and/or Online via web/teleconference

We offer individual and/or group services to help you enhance your accent to be able to express your thoughts in a manner easily understood by the audience. This is not elimination of a foreign/regional accent (because accents are great and contribute to making us wonderfully diverse!), but rather coaching to enhance your pronunciation and clarity of connected speech, to help get your thoughts across in a very comfortable and effective manner. With our evidence-based, results-driven coaching, and your continued dedication to complete practice and carryover activities, you will learn to turn your accent 'on' and 'off', in order for your targeted audience to clearly understand the wealth of knowledge that you have to share

Professional Communication & Development Training


*Customized Programs

*Small Group Conversation, Presentation Skills Training, Public Professional Speaking, Leadership Communication/Executive Presence Coaching, Cross-Cultural Communication Training

*Individual and/or Group/Corporate Sessions

*In-Person and/or Online

We understand the high value that communication holds and the role it plays in professional success and organizational/economic growth and development. We understand how overwhelming and stressful communication can be, especially in a work or public setting. We offer services to enhance your ability to communicate in a small group or address a large audience. We use proven methods to provide you the tools and the confidence that will allow you to effectively share your thoughts in a compelling, collaborative, and clear manner.   

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